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   (last updated on January 9th 2006)

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jan-dec 2005 During 2005 I put several pieces of new information on this site, but forgot to log it on this front page. Amoungst others I added a weblog page. Here you'll find the work in progress on my own R18. Making a serious start with bringing her back on the road is one of my new years resolutions for 2006!!!
March 29th 2004 Today I added a complete new page with guest pictures from fellow R18 owners. This was about time, because it has been more than two years since I last updated the guest gallery. To keep the loading time of the guest gallery within reasonable limits, I split the gallery in two pages

The new pics can be found in the Guest Gallery. The older pictures are in Guests 2

January 7th 2004

w w w . r e n a u l t 1 8 . c o m !!!

Over the last one and a half year I had little time to work on this site and on my Renault 18, because renovating my new house turns out to be quite time consuming! I hope I'll be able to make this up in the not too distant future!

February 16th 2002 I started a new page called "Diagram stuff", transferred the wiring diagrams to it and added data on the Weber carburettors used on most models with the 1647 cc engines from 1982 on.
December 16th 2001 I uploaded the wiring diagrams for the R18 TS, GTS and Automatic to the "Tips and Trics" section. More to come soon!
November 12th 2001 Wiring diagrams for the first R18 series + explanation of codes for all models added to the "Tips and Trics" section.
November 4th 2001 By popular demand I started adding the wiring diagrams of the Renault 18 to the "Tips and Trics" section. I started with the 1982 GTL model. Other models will be added soon. I also received a lot of new pictures for the guest gallery. As soon as I have time I will upload these as well......
July 6th 2001 A complete new feature!!!: The Renault 18 web board. Post all your questions on technical and practical subjects, comments, answers, etc in the Renault 18 forum!!!
June 19th 2001 Again new pics ans stories in the Guest Gallery.
June 10th 2001 I added a very useful link on "rust busting" in the links section.
June 4th 2001 More on corrosion in the Renault 18 in the Tips and Tricks section, as well as a few additional pics and minor changes
May 30th 2001 Also new Flash animation on this front page.
May 28th 2001 I had some fun with a Flash animation program and some new pics. The result can be seen here. Also additional text and links to come very soon!
May 19th 2001 Some new pics on several pages and a new link in the links section.
April 21st 2001 A lot of new pictures in the Guest Gallery. There's a serie pics of a Renault 18 triplet, pics of a very nice Renault 18 with a twist and pics of two Swiss Renault 18s. Also a tip on how to solve the squeeking of the vetilator in the Tips & Tricks section
February 26th 2001 I added a complete new page about the cars that preceded my old 18 in our family. You can find this page here.
February 25th 2001 A number of new links added to the Links page
January 22nd 2001 New Flash animation on the start page.
December 23rd 2000 A lot of new pics from all corners of the world in the Guest Gallery.
November 26th 2000 New pics in the Guest Gallery. More coming up.....
August 20th 2000 Again a new picture in the Guest Gallery. This time from Colombia.
August 14th 2000 Added Flash intro to front page.
July 27th 2000 New link on the Links page and a new pic from Ireland in the Guest Gallery.
June 10th 2000 New pics from Argentina in the Guest Gallery.
May 25th 2000 I received some nice Renault 18 pics from Germany and France and added them to the Guest Gallery. Also one new link.
March 18/19th 2000 Slight update in the Tips & Tricks section, new pictures on the front page and in the Guest Gallery
March 17th 2000 Opened the Guest Gallery, to which you can send your R18 pics. Also the creative ones of non existent 18s you edited with a photo editor are very welcome. You can see what I mean on the page itself. :-)
March 12th 2000 Complete new layout of the pages
Spring 1999 Start of this page's life. It started as a small spin off of my main page which is mainly about Dutch pirate radio in the early eighties. This page however started to generate traffic from all over the world, so I desided to add more information and pictures on it.