Également disponible dans la couleur ‘Sahara métallique’

This site started many years ago as a very small ode to my old car. Some of the people surrounding me find my attachment to this old and almost forgotten Renault a bit peculiar to say the least  🙂

The idea of this site is to share my experience on my own Renault 18 and the fun I have working on and driving this car with the rest of world. Look around and read. If you drive a Renault 18 yourself especially the technical stuff might be useful. In the links section you also find some links to other R18 and Renault pages on the web.

Although the pages are centered around my own 18, your experiences, tips, tricks, pictures, suggestions, and so on regarding this nice but all but forgotten model are also very welcome!!! By sharing some knowledge on this car we might be able to keep our 18s running and save this model from oblivion! You can send your tips and tricks to richard@renault18.com.

Have Fun! Drive Save!

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